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J. Bourdon develops methods both algorithmic and probabilistic aim at studying biological networks. He also works in dynamical system analysis. More precisely, his researches span from Number Theory to Systems Biology with a common guideline, the use and the development of probabilistic tools. Main research activity 1: Dynamical analysis of algorithms. The aim of dynamical analysis of algorithms is to develop and study realistic probabilistic models to perform some average-case studies of algorithms. His main contribution in this field is the definition of dynamical sources, inspired from dynamical systems in Number Theory, allowing to derive precise results in several area of information theory (statistics of pattern-matching, indexing,..) Main research activity 2: Systems Biology. One of the main issues of systems biology consists in the definition of mathematical models that permits to analyze an/or simulate a living system in a realistic way. In this field, J. Bourdon works in the frontier of qualitative and quantitative descriptions of living systems, applying probabilistic tools that come from ergodic theory to give access to the “normal” behavior of the system.

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